What is nickel carbonyl powder?

Nickel carbonyl powder with its unique crystalline structure and high-purity particles can become an ideal material for mixing with other metals. It forms a stable and uniform distribution before the powder is sintered.


Market development prospects

With its special properties, it has a wide range of applications. Diamond tool industry nickel powder is also very promising as a catalyst application, the catalyst industry uses 5,000 tons of nickel. The annual consumption of nickel powder in other areas is also increasing.


Method for producing nickel

Carbonylation. The nickel sulfide ore is reacted with carbon monoxide to form nickel tetracarbonyl, which is decomposed after heating to obtain metallic nickel with high purity.


Harm to the human body

Nickel carbonyl powder is very toxic because it is volatile, soluble in adipose tissue, easily enters the cell membrane, and has strong binding power to


Carbonyl iron powder

Carbonyl iron powder is produced by the reaction of CO and iron at high temperature and pressure to produce 5 carbonyl iron oil. The product is obtained after low pressure separation. Can be shipped after annealing and oxidation treatment. When the temperature is 200℃


Characteristics and uses of carbonyl iron powder

Traditional powder metallurgy and injection molding: For high specific gravity alloys in traditional powder metallurgy, it is necessary to use iron powder with greater activity as the liquid phase in sintering to form a more continuous bonding phase and inhibit
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