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2023-06-13 17:26

With its special properties, it has a wide range of applications. Diamond tool industry nickel powder is also very promising as a catalyst application, the catalyst industry uses 5,000 tons of nickel. The annual consumption of nickel powder in other areas is also increasing. From the perspective of the development of the domestic market, most of the diamond thin-wall drill bits and cutting blades used in the construction industry, diamond drill bits for petroleum and natural gas, and cemented carbide drill bits are mostly made of nickel powder. Most of the tools used for mechanical grinding and processing use diamond abrasive tools, and the carcass materials are also mostly nickel powder. With the rapid development of diamond tool industry, electrical alloy industry, powder metallurgy machinery parts and other industries, the demand for nickel powder has shown a rapid development momentum. According to Huacheng Metal Network, there are only 7-8 existing nickel powder manufacturers in China (including carbonyl nickel powder, electrolytic nickel powder and reduced nickel powder), with a production capacity of about 1,000 tons, which is far from meeting the needs of the domestic market. . From the perspective of the development of foreign markets, according to data from the international nickel market, the consumption of nickel-based powders is about 130,000 to 150,000 tons / year, accounting for almost 17% of the world's average nickel consumption, and its price has remained stable at 12,000 per ton ~ $ 13,000. It can be seen that the demand for nickel powder in the international market is very considerable.

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