Characteristics and uses of carbonyl iron powder

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2023-06-13 17:26

1. Traditional powder metallurgy and injection molding: For high specific gravity alloys in traditional powder metallurgy, it is necessary to use iron powder with greater activity as the liquid phase in sintering to form a more continuous bonding phase and inhibit the generation of brittle phases, thereby achieving high High-density or full-density high-performance products. The military project is mainly used to replace the banned depleted uranium material to produce armor-piercing cores. The injection molding process places high demands on the maximum powder loading. Therefore, the standard for measuring the bulk density of powders is very high. However, the smaller the particle size of the powder, the more prone to the arch bridge phenomenon and the smaller the loose packing density. It is important that the particles do not stick in this case. It was not until the German BASF company developed a proprietary grade that injection molding really gained industrial application.
2. Iron powder core: Because of its small particle size (less than 10um), large activity, and irregular shape (layered structure of onion head), carbonyl iron powder has high magnetic flux at high and ultra-high frequencies, and is also widely used. It is used in the manufacture of magnetic materials and has an irreplaceable role in the manufacture of high-frequency iron powder cores. American Micrometals company is the standard setter in this field. Many of the company's products are based on carbonyl iron powder provided by German BASF company.
3. Diamond tools: Traditional high-performance diamond tools use expensive cobalt powder as the substrate. Recent research and production show that using carbonyl iron powder to reduce the amount of Co powder can also achieve quite high performance. In addition, for traditional iron-based diamond tools, the use of carbonyl iron powder can improve the holding power of the substrate to the diamond and improve the wear resistance of the substrate.
4. Diamond catalyst: The catalyst for synthetic diamond has no market in China.
5. Nutritional iron supplement: The carbonyl iron powder of the American ISP company has been officially recognized by the US Drug Administration and can be directly added to food as iron supplement. Current data show that the absorption rate of carbonyl iron powder by the human body exceeds 80%, far exceeding the currently used compound iron supplements. At the same time, the use of carbonyl iron powder will not cause excessive poisoning of iron intake. There is no information in the country that the government has allowed the use of carbonyl iron powder as nutritional iron supplement.
6. Microwave absorbing material: the application of carbonyl iron powder in the field of national defense. According to data, research on carbonyl iron powder absorbing materials has been very rapid since the 1990s.

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