Promote the rapid development of carbonyl iron powder industry

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2023-06-13 17:26

Jilin Zhuo innovative material carbonyl iron powder is produced by gas refining technology, which has no waste discharge, low energy consumption and many kinds of products. It is a green environmental protection high-tech. therefore, carbonyl iron powder belongs to high-tech products, which is directly related to national defense industry, radio, magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, mechanical processing, medical care, food and other professions Sustainable development of upgrading and upgrading of related products. There are many kinds of carbonyl iron powder products, including general carbonyl iron powder, phosphide carbonyl iron powder, reduced carbonyl iron powder, coated carbonyl iron powder and alloy carbonyl iron powder. Each kind of carbonyl iron powder contains many kinds due to different description, particle size, purity and performance. Different carbonyl iron powder has different uses, so the use and distribution of carbonyl iron powder is very wide.            At present, there are few countries in the world that can produce carbonyl iron powder, only Germany, Russia, the United States and China, the synthesis of carbonyl iron adopts high-pressure method (18.0-25.0mpa). The high production pressure not only puts forward strict requirements for the production of equipment, but also sets obstacles for large-scale production. In addition, the high-pressure method has many disadvantages such as long reaction time and low conversion rate. In this case, Lanzhou Institute of chemical industry of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jilin gene nickel Co., Ltd. jointly developed the medium pressure carbonyl iron powder production technology to deal with many disadvantages caused by high reaction pressure.            The global production of carbonyl iron powder is about 15000 tons / year, 80% of which is produced by BASF company in Germany, and the market demand is about 18000 tons / year. Due to the sophisticated and industrial use of powder injection molding technology, since the 1990s, the demand of cemented carbide professional ultrafine iron powder alone has been developing at an annual growth rate of 30%, and the demand of Southeast Asian countries is increasing by about 40%. China's demand for carbonyl iron powder has increased from dozens of tons at the end of the 20th century to more than 1000 tons at present, while the domestic annual output is less than 300 tons. With the progress of science and technology and the rapid development of material science, the quality requirements of materials are higher and higher. Compared with other iron powder products, carbonyl iron powder has obvious advantages, especially in the production of cemented carbide, wear-resistant materials, surface finish materials, etc., so carbonyl iron powder has potential market.            Compared with the high-pressure process, the synthesis pressure of carbonyl iron powder is 8.0 MPa, only 1 / 3 of that of high-pressure process; the synthesis speed is 60 hours / kettle, while the high-pressure process needs 120 hours / kettle; the conversion rate of iron is more than 75%, while the high-pressure process is only about 65%. In addition, in the production technology of medium pressure carbonyl iron powder, the auxiliary material c o can not only be close to 100% recycled, but also the energy-saving recycling mode is selected. Therefore, the production technology of medium pressure carbonyl iron powder can not only reduce the production cost of equipment and increase the production capacity, which is conducive to large-scale production, but also has low energy consumption in the production process, and materials can be fully used, so its production cost is far lower than that of high pressure method. Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department arranged experts to judge the production technology (laboratory test and model test) of carbonyl iron powder by medium pressure method, and the result was advanced in the world.

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