Sharp observes new carbonyl ferronickel powder products are expected to break the monopoly

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2023-06-13 17:26

  What are the reasons that make the production of hydroxy nickel iron powder so difficult?

  One, highly toxic

  Carbonyl nickel powder is very toxic, because it is easy to volatilize, it is easily soluble in adipose tissue, it is easy to enter the cell membrane, and it has a strong binding force with protein and nucleic acid. It has a stimulating effect on the respiratory tract, and has a systemic toxic effect, which can cause lung, liver, and brain damage. If pulmonary edema is not rescued in time, it can cause death.

  2. Craft

  Although non-toxic in comparison, the carbonyl iron powder has very high requirements for the process. The temperature change of pentacarbonyl and iron is 3 degrees when the gas flow is increased by 5%, which can significantly change the particle size and carbon content of the carbonyl iron powder.

  Three, save

  Carbonyl iron powder is very active. After a period of time under normal conditions, it will automatically agglomerate due to the increase in entropy. The particle size of the agglomerated iron powder increases, and the particles are sticky, which has a relatively large impact on injection molding applications.


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