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JILIN ZC NEW MATERIAL CO.,LTD was founded in 2002. It is a subsidiary initiated by Jilin gene nickel Co., Ltd. and participated by Jilin Zhongze haorong Group Co., Ltd., formerly the third refinery of Jilin gene nickel Co., Ltd. The registered capital of the company is 22.5 million yuan. With a total area of 240000 square meters, the company has two production bases in Panshi economic development zone and Hongqiling Town, Panshi City, with an annual output of 10000 tons of basic carbonyl iron powder, 2000 tons of carbonyl nickel powder, 10 tons of carbonyl cobalt, 600 cubic carbon monoxide and 400 cubic hydrogen production lines. The company has passed iso9001:2015 quality system certification, iso14001:2015 environmental system certification and gjb9001c-2017 system certification. At present, there are 194 employees, including 85 with college degree or above, accounting for 46% of the total number of employees. High grade nickel powder and iron powder are rated as "new products of Jilin Province in 2000" by Jilin Province. The 100 t / a medium pressure carbonyl iron powder pilot plant has passed the achievement appraisal of Jilin Provincial Science and technology department and reached the international advanced level. The 1000 ton high-quality carbonyl nickel powder and carbonyl iron powder industrialization device has passed the achievement appraisal of Jilin Provincial Department of industry and information technology and reached the international advanced level, and won the first prize of science and technology of Jilin Province and the second prize of science and technology of China Nonferrous Metal Industry Association. In 2016 and 2017, it was awarded the titles of "Jilin Science and technology small giant enterprise" and "Jilin Science and technology enterprise". The products of the company are in line with the new material 301 metal material in the catalogue of national high tech products published by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China, which is characterized by "high-purity metal material, ultra-fine metal material, metal fiber and microporous material, special powder and powder metallurgy products". It is a sunrise industry. The development of new technology and new products in this field can become a new profit growth point for the enterprise. The existing high-end MIM industry uses high-density carbonyl iron powder, special iron powder for diamond tools, which is suitable for the soft magnetic industry, such as coated carbonyl iron powder, phosphated iron powder, pre alloy powder, special iron powder for environmental water treatment, flake carbonyl iron powder for microwave absorption and stealth coating, special iron powder for high-speed brake pads, special iron powder for magnetic polishing fluid, special iron powder for animal feed, etc There are more than 30 kinds of high-end application products. There are high-end nickel powder and other high-value carbonyl metal products suitable for powder metallurgy, catalyst, diamond tools, getter, high-density alloy, etc. At present, the company has a complete professional and technical team and a mature production team. The main technical backbone has been engaged in carbonyl metal production and research for more than 10 years, with a solid theoretical basis and rich production practice experience. In 17 years of cooperation with Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the company has established a joint laboratory of production, teaching and research, and established China Science haorong new material research Co., Ltd., providing technical support for the talent training and development of Zhuocang company. The overall development goal of the company is to carefully build the carbonyl metal functional materials sector, mainly carbonyl metal and carbonyl metal powder materials, supplemented by other powder materials. According to the work progress of carbonyl metal R & D department, catalytic material R & D, magnetic material R & D, powder metallurgy R & D department and functional material R & D department established by Zhongke haorong, the company will carry out the research and development of new materials, new technologies and new products R & D, transformation and production shall be realized to achieve seamless connection between R & D, production and market, form distinctive new material R & D and production, lead the technical development of carbonyl metal preparation and application, form R & D and production institutions with international influence, and occupy the commanding heights of the industry.

Jilin ZC New Materials Co., Ltd.

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