Environmental information disclosure

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2023-06-13 17:26

I. Environmental Information
Explanation of the environmental protection situation of the company that belongs to the key pollutant discharge unit announced by the environmental protection department.
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1, Sewage information
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At present, all of the company's main production wastewater is recycled after being treated by a sewage treatment plant, and is not discharged. Zero discharge of wastewater. The waste gas is mainly discharged from the biomass boiler, and the Panshi Environmental Monitoring Station regularly monitors the waste gas discharge. Our company's sewage permit is being processed.
2. Construction and operation of pollution prevention facilities.
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Wastewater environmental protection facilities: Industrial sewage treatment plants have sewage treatment facilities, and domestic sewage is provided with underground biochemical sewage treatment facilities.
Exhaust gas environmental protection facilities: The tail gas of the biomass boiler is dedusted by a bag filter (theoretical dust removal efficiency is above 95%), and the tail gas is discharged in compliance with the standards.
Solid waste environmental protection facilities: Hazardous waste storage sites all have "three preventions" measures, set up hazardous waste identification, management specifications, and inspection records.
3. Environmental impact assessment of construction projects and other environmental protection administrative permits
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All the company's projects were implemented one by one in accordance with the three simultaneous environmental protection regulations. 2000 tons of carbonyl nickel and carbonyl iron projects (passed the inspection and acceptance of Jilin Province Environmental Protection Department in January 2014).

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