Jilin Province focuses on carbonyl iron powder, nickel powder, and molybdenum industry

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2023-06-13 17:26

  The recently released "Jilin City Metallurgical Occupation Development Plan" has proposed the development points and layout. The carbonyl iron powder, nickel powder, and molybdenum industries are included in the main points.

  Nickel Industry Co., Ltd. Medium Pressure Carbonyl Iron Powder Composition Project
Carbonyl iron powder has the characteristics of high purity, ultra-fine, and high activity. It is produced through carbonylation metallurgy skills and can be widely used in metallurgy, electronics, military industry, machinery, medicine, chemical industry and food. The project is estimated to contribute 150 million yuan, during which fixed assets will be invested 130 million yuan. The construction of a 100-ton pilot plant was completed in 2005, and the construction of 2,000-ton / year carbonyl iron was completed in 2006-2007. After the project is put into production, the annual sales income will increase by 160 million yuan, with a total profit of 66.93 million yuan and taxes of 26.78 million yuan.

  Expansion project of molybdenum series products
  Daheishan is rich in resources, with 1.65 billion tons of ore reserves and 1.09 million tons of molybdenum-containing metals. It is the second largest molybdenum resource base in Asia. It has good ore properties, good selectivity, and simple beneficiation. An important base for quality molybdenum concentrate.
  The main construction content of the reconstruction and expansion project of molybdenum series products is Daheishan's mining, selection, reconstruction and expansion, and the construction of a new deep-processing production line for molybdenum products. The estimated investment of the project is 460 million yuan, and the construction period of the project is from 2005 to 2007. After being completed and put into production, the annual production capacity of metal molybdenum will be increased from 1,500 tons to 5,000 tons, with additional sales income of 50 million yuan, profits of 85.65 million yuan, and taxes of 50.18 million yuan. At the same time, the molybdenum series product chain was lengthened, and the rough-housing processing was advanced to finish processing and deep processing, thereby producing ammonium molybdate, sodium molybdate, ferromolybdenum, molybdenum wire, molybdenum bar, molybdenum powder, molybdenum block, and molybdenum rod. Through the introduction of skills and the development of high value-added products, sales revenue reached 2.5 billion yuan, and profits and taxes of 450 million yuan.


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